by Pietro Reviglio

(4K, fulldome)

UK / Italy, 20 minutes


A journey through painting and space and a piece of experimental filmmaking, Beyond Infinity mixes visual abstraction, a haunting musical score by musicians Nazar Rybak, Jack White and Jon Wright, and 360 degree projection to take the viewer beyond the boundaries of the cosmos into the parallel world of artistic creation. 

Bringing together cosmology, painting and cutting-edge fulldome cinematic technology, the film reflects on the physical universe, its dark side, and the world of imagination, focusing on the pictorial act and the formation of physical structures. It brings painting into full-dome cinema to challenge and push the traditional usage of the two media.

Pietro Reviglio has worked extensively with painting, photography and experimental filmmaking, exhibiting internationally and focusing on the topic of darkness, both as a cosmological and a mental entity. His work is held in the collections of the Brooklyn Museum, Albright-Knox Gallery, Tate Britain, Columbia University, among the others.  In this project he draws from his background in astrophysics (Columbia University, Ph.D., 2008) and furthers his investigation of the cosmos from an artistic point of view.

Beyond Infinity will premiere at Turin's Planetarium and Museum of Astronomy and Space on 3/4/5 November 2017.





World premiere at Turin Planetarium / Museum of Astronomy and Space

November 3rd evening :  Beyond Infinity: A conversation between Art and Science.


  • Opening at 18.30h 
  • Light dinner (reservation required) at 19.30h
  • Pietro Reviglio and Prof. Antonaldo Diaferio (Physics Department, University of Turin) in conversation about contemporary art and cosmology at 21.00h
  • Screening  of Pietro Reviglio's Beyond Infinity at 22.00h


November 4th / November 5th . Additional screenings of Beyond Infinity at 15.00h

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>>ArtSpeak interview on Beyond Infinity airing on several London radios: here (from min. 47) <<