A giant-screen art film by Pietro Reviglio

World Premiere: China Science and Technology Museum

9th Beijing International Film Festival

15 April, 2019


A visual journey beyond the boundaries of Time, Journey of Endless Time is a new production for giant screen which bridges the gap between art films and cinematography. Produced and created by visual artist Pietro Reviglio, using abstract painting, cosmological imagery and animation techniques, the film explores the concept of existence, eternity and their meaning for humanity.

The music is by British composer Jonathan Wright. 

Pietro Reviglio has worked extensively with painting, photography and experimental filmmaking, showing his work internationally in institutions and film festivals. His work is held in the collections of the Brooklyn Museum (NYC) , Albright-Knox Gallery (Buffalo), Columbia University (NYC), Tate Modern Artist's Book Collection (London), among the others.  In this project he draws from his background in art and astrophysics (Columbia University, Ph.D., 2008) to investigate time and existence further.

World premiere at China Science and Technology Musuem as part of the 9th Beijing International Film Festival (April 2019)

Selected for the Rome Independent Prisma Awards (June 2019). Semifinalist for Animated Short Category.



Running time: 24 minutes

Language: No dialogue. Soundtrack only.


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The production of this film has been supported by:

Richard Bayley - Luisa, Serafino and Antonaldo Diaferio - Stefano Fabeni - Lucia Manfellotto - Lina Mauro - Angela, Elena e Margherita Silvestro - Bennet Steinberg - Richard Williams - Willow Winston

Many thanks for backing this project also to:

Gordon Beswick- Stefano and Francesca Bietto - Katherine Howe - Anna Lamberti - Bradley Miller - Maria e Antonio Minelli - Sophie Muir - Patrizia Rossello - Richard Sharples - Jia Shuo - Chris Simpson - Enrico Valerio.




Limited edition poster or print

Black and White Drawings


Oil-on-paper drawings


For details or to purchase artworks, please email: reviglio.unlimited@gmail.com