Painting Series

(click on pictures to view selected images from each series)



Figures Lost in Cosmological Space

London, 2019 - in progress 





Cosmological Paintings

London, 2018 - in progress



Twelve Small Paintings of Cosmological Horror

London, 2017-2018,  in progress




Harmonics of Color and Madness

London (2016/2018)





Twelve Studies on Black 

London, 2016











The Borough Paintings

London, (2015-2016)













Cosmology of Evil

Italy/London, 2014










Loss of Identity

Italy, 2013














Flowers of Grief

(Italy, 2012/2013)












Flowers of Grief (part II)

(Italy, 2012/2013)












Nocturnal Visions I

Italy, 2010/2011












Nocturnal Visions II

Italy, 2010/2011












The New York Paintings  I

Manhattan, 2007-2009 











The New York Paintings II

Manhattan, 2007-2009











The New York Paintings III

Manhattan, 2006-2008