Photographic Series + Installations 

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Midnight Tales of Sex and Madness (2016-2017)

work in progress




Broken Time (2014-2015)

Cosmological clues. 








Flowers of Darkness (2012)

The dark side of existence. 








Hybrids  (2011)

Hybrid reality. 







Clues  (2011) 

Murder made of Glass.








Mental Architectures (2010)

Mental landscapes.









Nocturnal Interior (2010)

A narrative of insanity.







The Weight of Time (2010)

Shadows of Gravity.

Site specific installation for Gemine Muse 2010 at MAO - Museo d'Arte Orientale - Turin 














Riemanniana (2009)

Non-Euclidean landscapes of the mind.









Cinematography of Urban Madness

(part I-2009)

Fragments of a screenplay










Cinematography of Urban Madness 

(part II-2009)









Murder of a Painting (2009)

New York, 2009








Tensorial Photography (2009)









Murder Room (2008)

New York, 2008