Broken Narratives of the Universe and the Mind

(an introduction to the work)


Mostly concerned with the concepts of cosmological darkness, the origin of violence, the phenomenology of evil, the aesthetics of insanity, the universal act of murder and the interplay between image, music and narrative, my work develops in antithesis to conceptual practice.

Images and broken narratives are never planned in advance, but stem naturally from the experimental and performative act as a free flux of associations and endless destructions of previous layers of thought and work.  A highly irrational process reflecting the puzzling nature of the mind and the universe itself. 

I want to immerse the viewer in a global stream of universal un-consciousness in which each piece contributes a still to a global deranged narrative that investigates the place of mankind within infinity and reveals some of its essence.


Pietro Reviglio, London, 2017

Selected Writings and short stories (click for books, short stories, and more...)

 > Meeting Louise Bourgeois

 > Cinematography of Urban Madness



Selected critical essays for further reading:

Roberto Mastroianni: New York Interiors

Amalia Piccinini: Afterwords to Cinematography of Urban Madness

Maria Teresa Roberto: Guardiani del Tempo