Broken Narratives of the Universe and the Mind

(an introduction to the work)


The mind, the  universe, sex and murder. Four pillars of a broken narrative focusing on cosmological darkness, the phenomenology of evil, the aesthetics of insanity, and the universal act of murder and exploring the meaning of existence in a highly irrational and violent universe.

The work develops in antithesis to conceptual practice. Images and hidden narratives are never planned in advance, but stem naturally from the experimental and performative act as a free flux of associations and endless destructions of previous layers of thought and work.  A highly irrational process reflecting the puzzling nature of the mind and the universe itself. 

The work immerses the viewer in a global stream of universal consciousness in which each piece contributes a still to a global deranged narrative that investigates the place of man within infinity and reveals some of its essence.


- Pietro Reviglio -




All the Colors of Darkness 

(notes on the artist's practice)


Color. The texture of cosmological darkness and its infinite possible worldlines. Beauty in horror and horror in beauty. Madness. Evil under the rising sun. 

Swimming deeper into the stream of universal consciousness, surrounded by the colors of darkness, searching for a clue, a line that will answer the questions emerging from the canvas. An undercurrent of color. Doubt. A mirror shining light all around. The room: cold, silent. Reality and imagination blend. 

A musical piece builds on the canvas. Images come in a flux, a deranged narrrative, one harmonic at a time. Mankind. The massacre perpetrated  by the very universe that gave birth to nature. The flowers of darkness will kill the body that nurtered them.

The brush performs its act. The camera will capture it. The canvas bleeds, so does the mirror.  An endless destruction of layer after layer, paint over paint, color over color. The process bears the mark of the puzzling nature of nature itself. 

The meaning is there, lost within the canvas, the film, the photograph.


Pietro Reviglio, London,  2017



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