Untitled #2 in NYC public collection

Untitled #2 from Cinematography of Urban Madness is now part of the Sidney Mishkin Gallery Collection, City University of New York.


Aquae Mundi preview

Group show

Opening in Turin, Fusion Art Gallery.

Curated by Roberto Mastroianni  & Walter Vallini


With Botero in NYC


The Red Scream


OUT OF ORDER - at CAMeC Museum (Italy)

My video on claustrophobia and loss of identity, included in the exhibition Living in Lift, curated by Roberto MAstroianni and Walter Vallini at the CAMeC Museum (Italy)

Through April 14th.


Out of Order - by Pietro Reviglio from Pietro Reviglio on Vimeo.



A Critical Essay on my work by Roberto Mastroianni


In the occation of the retrospective exhibition I'm having in Turin.

Here it is: in English

Versione originale in italiano:

Enjoy :)




Pietro Reviglio: New York Interiors 


NEW YORK INTERIORS: pictorial, photographic and cinematic perspectives of Pietro Reviglio



Living in Lift - Castel dell'Ovo, Naples

The exhibition at the museum of Castel dell'Ovo in Naples curated by Walter Vallini and Roberto Mastroianni featuring my work among the work of several other Italian and international artists opened on February 23.





Living in Lift, Palazzo Ducale, Genova

 Palazzo Ducale, Genova

Pietro Reviglio. Parallel Lives (2012) - Emptiness (2012)

Video of exhibition: Living in Lift. Curated by Walter Vallini and Roberto Mastroianni. 


 Link to photographic gallery: La Repubblica (6.11.2012): "Vivere nell'ascensore"


Interview on career shift

Here's the link to a recent interview by that just came out.

Pietro Reviglio: from Astrophysics Researcher to Visual Artist

It's never too late for a life change!




The Cosmic Sucker : a short story 



A short-story by Pietro Reviglio

The universe... the desert... the fight against the machine... art and science intertwine in this autobiographical short-story  on how a crazy night in the desert can change your life for good. 




          Sometimes change in life happens slowly over time and you find  yourself  drifting  almost unconsciously in directions you would have never imagined before. Some other times instead, you can pinpoint the place, the day and even the hours when your new life began.
          For me it was Kitt Peak, Arizona, a night of May 2005.
          I had never been in the desert on my own before. It felt like real adventure...  just me, the telescope and the universe.  No friends, no colleagues, not even a pet  to keep me company during the long sleepless nights I had ahead of me.  
           I had left New York on a dull, cloudy morning to find myself hours later  in the hot sunny weather of Arizona. Dry air, no rain, no haze: the perfect weather to peep into the secrets of the universe... the kind of weather astronomers would kill for... literally.
           The man  who picked me up at the airport to drive me into the mountains was an affable man from the West with white mustaches  and  a rifle in the back of his pickup: the kind of man that has lived in the desert most of his life... the kind of man that you hope has remained sane after all those years and won't use that rifle against you at any point during the car ride. Or after.
           On our way up,  the valley looked bare and thirsty. Only cacti and rocks under a scorching sun. Not a breath of air. Not a living soul in sight: no coyotes, no roadrunners, no mirages... just an occasional driver on the road to the mountain top. 
            As we proceeded through the desert [...]



FOR SALE ON AMAZON.COM:  click here to buy.



Ascending White - new video



Part of the project In Albis curated by Vittoria Biasi.

Two opposite forces: white as color of suffering, loneliness, alienation and white as a symbol of the experience of transcending the human condition, a symbol of the absence of pain... a white that ascends above itself. This video contrast these two forces through autobiographic imagery. Music by Jack White.

Click image to view.






by Pietro Reviglio

The Psychological Portrait in the Digital Era 

Web release. Click on image to watch it.


Booksigning at MIA - Milan Image Art Fair

Pietro Reviglio


booksigning at

MIA Milan Image Art Fair
the art fair devoted to photography and video
s.t. foto libreria galleria 

Friday  - May 4, 2012 at 6 p.m.
MIA Fair – Via  Tortona, 27 Milan (Italy)

"A riveting new book, Pietro Reviglio’s Cinematography of Urban Madness questions the nature of real and imagined cinematic narratives in a visually stunning manner. The harsh lighting of an artist studio sets the tone for this short enigmatic work wherein autobiography meets fiction with violent overtones. Reviglio’s book is a quick read but densely populated with rich info, which makes a revisit compelling. Reviglio’s new book highlights the contemporary condition: fragmented and suspended in a world always already an image." (Jason StopaNY Arts)

Curated by noted art editor Paola Gribaudo for the DisegnoDiverso series with afterword by Amalia Piccinini (FlashArt), Pietro Reviglio's Cinematography of Urban Madness has received international acclaim together with the photographic and video installation based on the book.  

Pietro Reviglio received a Ph.D. in Astrophysics from Columbia University (New York) and  has exhibited internationally. Recent shows include Palazzo Farnese (French Embassy, Rome), Museo Laboratorio d’Arte Contemporanea (Rome),  The Italian Academy for Advanced Studies in America (Columbia University, New York), the 54th Venice Biennial, the Ishida Taisheisha Hall (Kyoto), the Museum of Oriental Art (Turin), Galleria Weber&Weber (Turin), Franz Paludetto (Turin)


Palazzo Farnese (French Embassy in Rome)

Exhibition of the winning artwork for the European project Research in Art, on the interplay between art and science, organized by the european platform Atomium Culture (Bruxelles)

The official presentation and exhibition of the winning artwork  took place at Palazzo Farnese on January 21, at the presence of the French Ambassador in Rome and the Italian Minister of Education, University and Research, Francesco Profumo.

Here a few pictures from the grande soiree. The exhibition will be moved to the University La Sapienza in February and open to the public.

Among the winning artists, the following were present: Alex Barchiesi, Claudio Beorchia,  Alessio Chierico, Valentina Daga, Valentina Garbagnati, Ngucaj Arta, Pietro Reviglio.


The hall of Palazzo Farnese where the artworks were exhibited. 


Pietro and his piece :-) Courtesy of Alessio Chierico, one of the other winners.


The Gala Dinner

The day of the installation. Artists at work.


New York, a picture

 New York, April 8th, 2011


Urban Madness at the Venice Biennial

I've been invited to exhibit at the Regional (Piedmont) Pavilion of the Venice Biennial, curated by Vittorio Sgarbi and Sergio Anelli.

I chose a diptych from Cinematography of Urban Madness which I entitled "Death Scene". The exhibition was held in the beautiful halls of the Castiglia di Saluzzo. The exhibition will be extended through December 26 ;)




Cinematography of Urban Madness - New York

After its Italian debut in Turin, the exhibition Cinematography of Urban Madness traveled to New York, where it was shown at the Italian Academy for Advanced Studies of Columbia University. Prof. David Freedberg and Allison Jeffrey curated the exhibition. The initial one-month long exhibition turned into a six (!) month exhibition after being extended over summer. 




The exhibition took place in the two main halls of the Academy, and in the movie theatre were we projected the video Cinematography of Urban Madness.




Cinematography of Urban Madness - Torino

The exhibition Cinematography of Urban Madness debuted in Turin in January 2010 at the Weber&Weber Arte Contemporanea gallery, in the historic center of the city. 



The installation comprised 14 photographs and the homonymous video. Here are some pictures of the exhibition.   In the occasion of the opening we also presented the book Cinematography of Urban Madness, curated by Paola Gribaudo






Museum of Oriental Art - Gemine Muse

In an attempt to catch up, here are some pictures of my installation at the Museum of Oriental Art in Turin for the  Gemine Muse 2010 exhibition, sponsored among the others by the Italian Government.  The exhibition curator was Maria Teresa Roberto. The other artists selected were the Aurorameccanica group and Cornelia Badelita.






The four large (180x60 cm) photographs were installed in the Zen Garden and are the bulk of the series entitled "The Weight of Time" 











The photographs were lamba prints mounted on leger. The other artists were exhibiting painting and interactive video art in other wings of the museum.

Two more pictures of mine were on display in the Indian gallery describing the backstage of this project.

Thousands of visitors! And lots of press, including main newspapers La Stampa and Repubblica ;)