Over the past week this website has gone through a major revision.... more sections and galleries have been added.... another section on some experimental work I'm planning to make in the near future is also in the making... lately I had a burst of ideas I want to work on... too many, all at once, as usual... I'll try to ponder them while traveling in Europe. :)



I haven't been good at keeping this journal recently.... Constancy is none of my virtues...
Last week I participated at a silent auction at GalleryBar in the Lower East Side... it was  a fun night... one of my paintings was selected for the event and it was a good occasion to meet some fellow painters living in the city.. I was there with my friend Amalia, another artist from Italy... We spent the time commenting on the work exhibited, the people bidding, the bartenders bar tending and a few improbable fellows lurking around as if they just came out from After Hour... the Scorsese's movie... a must see for anyone living in New York... or thinking of moving here (don't say you weren't warned... the city maybe changed from the eighties, but  the weirdos are all still around... hehe)



The lights in the park just went off.

In the semidarkness, I've been watching the snow falling for almost an hour, laying in bed, too lazy to wake up, tossing and turning... thinking and rethinking about the new day.
I've watched with amusement the brave New Yorkers who ventured in the park under the snow, dark figures jogging clumsily in the snow, before the light of the new day was even there.

I hadn't realize how early people get up and go out in the park... Tucked under my blanket, I'm happy to be inside... watching the gray light flooding the morning sky.

Under my window, cars come and go, slowly, skidding on the fresh snow... still keeping me from sleeping.
The whiteness of the snow is quite inspiring... I look at my easel and think I should be painting...
Then turn around. Oh well... maybe later!


The human figure

I haven't been painting much the human figure over the past few months. Now two paintings are almost done... something that really excites me. It's interesting to see how you go about the same subjects after several months..

In general, I find it much easier to paint from a model, than painting from imagination. You don't have as many degree of freedom, you can concentrate more on the technique and the colors, rather than trying too many different ideas and get lost... Yet in these last two paintings I let imagination and reality go hand in hand... I let the a painting itself lead me, instead of enforcing my point of view... a risky business... but we'll see the outcome.


Off we go

I think it's time to start chronicling the developments of my artistic endevours :)

The website is up and going... and I finally managed to post my ''WHAT A MESS'' animation on You Tube... so.. off we go!

As usual I have a million ideas to follow up with... I hope this journal will help keeping myself on track....

Right now I'm working on a new self-portait, but as usual it might get destroyed pretty soon... we'll see...

Comments are very welcome :)


The Beginning

Each story needs to start somewhere... Well, this journey into my artistic development starts right here, building this website on my own... Battling with colors and layouts and codes and all the rest... Sniff..

Anyways, more later, when this nightmare is finally over :) 


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