The lights in the park just went off.

In the semidarkness, I've been watching the snow falling for almost an hour, laying in bed, too lazy to wake up, tossing and turning... thinking and rethinking about the new day.
I've watched with amusement the brave New Yorkers who ventured in the park under the snow, dark figures jogging clumsily in the snow, before the light of the new day was even there.

I hadn't realize how early people get up and go out in the park... Tucked under my blanket, I'm happy to be inside... watching the gray light flooding the morning sky.

Under my window, cars come and go, slowly, skidding on the fresh snow... still keeping me from sleeping.
The whiteness of the snow is quite inspiring... I look at my easel and think I should be painting...
Then turn around. Oh well... maybe later!

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