Castle of Rivara Exhibit


In the awesome scenery of the Villa Neobarocca, its old stables and wine cellar, four exhibitions opened on the same night: an international group show, Davide Oddenino's and Plinio Martelli's solo shows and mine :)

 In the background the Medieval Castle where the permanent collection is kept... which was opened for the night.

It was September (yes I've been bad at keeping this blog) and a large population of artists, collectors, gallerists, critics and art enthusiasts were there to enjoy the park, the art and the banquet.

(somehow, you find them mostly around banquet in all of those occations).

I spent the night running from one wing to the other of the complex... meeting a critic here, one there, a cousin in the villa, an aunt in the stable, a friend in the park and so and so forth... by the end of the night I was exhausted.  Cars kept coming in from the gate, in the night, up the road, skidding over the grit and splashing the puddles water all around... it had just stopped raining in the afternoon.

While I'm there, I barely have the time to have a look at the other exhibits and talk to the fellow artists.. Mariusz Tarkawian, who I met earlier in the week, seems to have a good time in his black dress... we chit-chat, while Franz, the owner and the host, hops around in  improbable baggy pants  and crocs and an odd lady keeps reciting a monologue I have no time to listen to...  there's always someone else to meet, to talk to, to take to the two rooms where my work is.  Those who come to have a look stop, ponder, ask... not all of them dare commenting on a topic like physics... some admit their complete ignorance.. some pretend they know a lot and say amusing things. I have to be careful not to laugh in their face when they talk nonsense... As I do my best to explain, show, engage, chatting and drinking go on on the outside. As I talk to these people, I wonder what will come out of this. 

Pics of the exhibitions on this page if you want to poke your nose around:




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