Palazzo Farnese (French Embassy in Rome)

Exhibition of the winning artwork for the European project Research in Art, on the interplay between art and science, organized by the european platform Atomium Culture (Bruxelles)

The official presentation and exhibition of the winning artwork  took place at Palazzo Farnese on January 21, at the presence of the French Ambassador in Rome and the Italian Minister of Education, University and Research, Francesco Profumo.

Here a few pictures from the grande soiree. The exhibition will be moved to the University La Sapienza in February and open to the public.

Among the winning artists, the following were present: Alex Barchiesi, Claudio Beorchia,  Alessio Chierico, Valentina Daga, Valentina Garbagnati, Ngucaj Arta, Pietro Reviglio.


The hall of Palazzo Farnese where the artworks were exhibited. 


Pietro and his piece :-) Courtesy of Alessio Chierico, one of the other winners.


The Gala Dinner

The day of the installation. Artists at work.

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